eGenKit is the ultimate solution to power control and remote fuel and asset monitoring.

Stop unnecessary expenditure and reduce traveling time by staying in the comfort of your home while efficiently controlling your generator with eGenKit or monitoring your vessels’ performance or assets’ condition. Combining the best of modern technology, eGenKit utilizes freely available wireless internet and GPRS to enable the most effective method of cost savings. Minor issues can be resolved without time-lag in cases of unauthorized/unprecedented activity, as real-time alerts are sent to designated users.


Binsfeld Engineering Inc. specializes in rotating-to-stationary data communication systems. Using digital instrumentation technologies transmitted via non-contact inductive couplings or radio frequency devices, our transmitters provide accurate and reliable signals from rotating sensors.


Power Instruments gladly presents a wide range of Complee meters. Available in analog and digital, Complee meters are fuss-free and quality assured with CE and DNV certifications.

  • Marine-class Meters
  • Quick and accurate readings
  • High accuracy and stability in meters
  • Shock-proof & vibration-proof
  • Case & base made from self-extinguishing PC plastic
  • Local in-house customisation printing on scale plate to shorten turn around order/replacement time.

Monicon Instruments Co. Ltd. founded in 1990; located at the central of Formosa-Taichung. They are dedicated in digital control of Electronic circuit design. Monicon developed the Wireless Rolling-gate Remote Controller with patent passed, the Mini Condenser Electronic Scale, the Cycle Counter as well as Semi-conductor Electronic Control System. The current main focus is on Gen Set Controller


Since 1996, HSB had started developing, producing and selling microcontroller switched components for automation control. All HSB products are well-made in Germany using the latest technology.


Kingsine Electric Automation Co., Ltd. specializes in electric testing and measurement instruments since 1999. With high development speed every year, Kingsine is awarded the title of top manufacturer in China for electric test equipment in the domestic relay-tester market. Power Instruments Pte Ltd is the sole distributor for Kingsine in Singapore.


METREL is one of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality electrical measurement and test instruments.
For its test equipment, METREL has obtained also many international approvals like KEMA, VDE, IMQ, and others.
Test and measurement equipment of METREL is covering the following fields:


Ametek electric power generation and distribution industry with a growing array of advanced sensors, instruments and monitoring systems.

AMETEK Power Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a global leader in advanced monitoring, testing, calibrating, and display instruments.


Meeting the needs of operators in all sectors, from large industry to the high value-added service industry, means facing clear and diverse consumption problems along with seeking energy efficiency that is able to combine economic growth and environmentally sustainable development.


Founded in 1991, ADEL system develops and manufacture industrial linear and switch-mode power supply units and it is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial power supplies, DC UPS and intelligent battery chargers.


Fanox offers compact, innovative and well-finished equipment, with a much more competitive price. Our experience supports us, and the main feature of these relays is their great flexibility in design that permit adapting their model list to the requirements and features of each application.


Iskra is a globally recognized provider of intelligent industrial solutions and cutting-edge electro-technical products. We are the high-performing company with long innovative tradition, wide engineering knowledge, and experience with the most demanding industrial projects. Always ready to offer the best system integrated solutions to optimize your business. Your security, efficiency, and success is our focus and priority.


The Contrel elettronica s.r.l. company has been constituted in 1985 and is specialized in the construction of relays electronic of protection, control and measure.

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